Clubs and Classes

Clubs, Classes, Sessions and School Support

Groups up to a maximum of 12 children

4 – 11 year olds, grouped according to age

Beginner lessons focus on speaking and listening

Reading and writing are introduced progressively and support English language and literacy

Lessons consist of a lively mixture of song, story, games and activities

Lessons conform to the new programme of study, 2014 and are conducted as possible in French

Parent & Tot Preschool Sessions

A whole hour of music, games, stories, songs and craft where parent & child (18 months +) join in together speaking, singing, listening and playing

Very young children are introduced to French in a familiar setting, with their parent or carer participating & helping alongside

Sessions are conducted in the target language as much as possible, with gestures and visuals ensuring comprehension

School Support and Curriculum Development

Everyone involved in teaching Primary Languages is invited to attend ALL Wirral PMFL Hub meetings and to join the Facebook group ALL Wirral Primary MFL Hub


“At its best, this sureness of subject knowledge translates into excellent teaching. This was seen in a Year 3 French lesson where the teacher’s great confidence in speaking French allowed her to enthuse pupils greatly and to enable them to make great strides in learning the language” – OFSTED 2003

“Excellent rating for French lesson” – OFSTED 2007